My Gift Genie founders are husband and wife Jas Hawker and Yolanda Ziani de Ferranti. Jas is a former RAF fighter pilot and leader of the world famous Red Arrows and Yolanda is an experienced Graphic Designer. Jas spent 6 years as a Red Arrows pilot performing to millions of spectators worldwide, whilst Yolanda’s entrepreneurial flair comes from her great grandfather, Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti, a genius inventor who was a pioneer in the early history of electricity and considered to be the father of the modern electricity distribution system. It was through his work that electricity became available to everyone and wasn’t just a luxury for the rich and powerful. It is that combination of world-class delivery and entrepreneurial flair that Jas and Yolanda want to bring to the online luxury gift market.

Like many successful businesses, My Gift Genie was founded in response to a personal problem. Despite having a few calendar reminders, Jas nearly forgot to buy Yolanda a wedding anniversary present. He didn’t really forget, he was simply too busy to devote the time he wanted to ensure that Yolanda received a special gift. After talking with many friends, it seemed that Jas wasn’t the only one who had been in this predicament.

This is where the idea of My Gift Genie came from. Outsourcing the problem but still being able to choose that perfect gift for very special occasions. Never again forget a special event or struggle to find the perfect gift. At My Gift Genie we do the hard work so that you get the brownie points.