Handmade Stainless Steel Rose

This Handmade Stainless Steel Rose has to been seen so that the quality can be fully appreciated. Roses are synonymous with romantic gestures but fresh flowers have a tendency to fade quickly. For something even more romantic, perhaps a rose that lasts forever is the answer?

These handmade to order stainless steel roses are lovingly crafted so each flower is completely unique. We skillfully craft each petal by hand to ensure each one is flawless, adding every vein, crease and flow individually to create authenticity too.

They use high quality (304 grade) stainless steel so this rose will never wilt (or rust) and each element is skillfully attached using TIG welding, a fine art in itself. Every aspect of the flower is then hand polished to ensure a beautiful finish, perfect to present to your loved one.

The rose is then mounted on a high quality, varnished mahogany plinth. This can be personalised upon request with a heartfelt message of up to 60 characters making this the perfect meaningful gift for loved ones.

This gift would be ideal for an 11th anniversary present as this is represented by steel, although we think it makes the perfect romantic gesture, whatever the occasion.

Handmade Stainless Steel Rose’s measurements are as follows:
Length - 15cm -18cm
Rosebud diameter – 4cm - 5cm
Wooden plinth – 23cm x 7.5cm x 1cm